S5 | E7: How Do You Become Creative? +Jason Bay

Creativity comes in all different forms, but oftentimes it’s tough to think you can be creative if you’re not a traditional artist or entertainer. This week Jason Bay returns to the show (S2E3) as not only the founder of GenY Success, but as someone who has recently embarked on a journey to become a standup comedian.

We explore:

+The Creative Discipline mindset

+Luck is created through opportunity, and you create opportunities for yourself

+The Jerry Seinfeld daily discipline habit

+Understanding your worldview

+Being creative in the moment

+The difference between stand up comedy and improv comedy

+Continuing your creative stream of consciousness regardless of your audience

+Learning to be confident in material you put out for the first time

+Soliciting feedback and creating feedback loops

+Creativity can be intentional

+The fear of being put on the spot

+How to use social media in your favor and to inspire others

+The importance of putting your work out there even it’s not good

+Placing an emphasis on quality over quantity when getting started

+The Lil Wayne Volume approach

+Having your work publicly archived

+Practicing empathy

+The leap from quantity to quality once you have experience

+Embracing process and patience

+Being the tortoise instead of the hair


Find Jason at:


Jason’s first standup showcase --http://youtu.be/-KITLuEeRQo



The Tim Ferris Show podcast episode with Whitney Cummings: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/06/26/whitney-cummings/

Lil Wayne - Something You Forgot--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tk1n6kukNk

Jerry Seinfeld - The Comedian (Documentary)--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8JrjXmkwUQ

You Made It Weird Podcast with John Mulaney--http://nerdist.com/you-made-it-weird-75-john-mulaney/


Season 5 Theme Song:

cLOUD9 - After Party-- available at www.chicagoloud9.com