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This class got me thinking. It got me feeling. It got me dreaming. I thought maybe I'd get some strategies for updating my LinkedIn profile or some tricks for targeting social media.  What i actually came away with was a subtle but phenomenal shift... "Turning my elevator speech into a personal mission statement." -Saleem P.


Great energy in the room. Some new ways of thinking and interacting to get the creative juices flowing. -Wanda S.

This was truly one of the most enlightening blocks of time I've ever spent...I want more!  -Cindy T.



You want more.

More freedom. More creativity. More control over your schedule. More free time. More “me” time. More opportunities. More comfort. More travel.


But you’re stuck. Your job alone isn’t getting you ahead. It’s burning you out.

Meanwhile, you have ideas you’re working on, you’re just not sure how to put them out there.

You say to yourself, “I just need to get started,” but you don’t know how.


Or maybe you’ve started your idea but you don’t know how to connect with your audience.

You want to brand it better and get noticed.

You want to make an impact.


You have the ideas, but you don’t have the right platform or messaging.

Meanwhile, you’re watching as the people around you get promoted, get raises, get more freedom, and flat out get ahead.


We get it. We’ve been there, and we’re here to help you be more you, and create the things you want to see in the world.

We take you from being a thinker to a doer.

We show you how to put your ideas in action.

We get you to make an impact.

We help you get more and get ahead by showing you the lifestyle hacks, tricks, and tools to stand out from the rest and get noticed.

Stick with us and you'll

  • Be the speaker at conferences instead of just an attendee

  • Become irresistible to your employer

  • Create raving fans for your side business

  • Start that podcast you've been talking about

  • Guest write for your favorite sites

  • Manage your time so you can do more of what you love

  • Be the person everyone wants to meet


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  • Refine your voice and writing style
  • Set the stage for an authentic life doing work you love 

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so you can better put yourself out there.

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Hi. Our names are Rajiv Nathan and Martin McGovern, or, as we like to say, Curious George and Inspector Gadget. We founded Idea Lemon because we were tired of waiting. We wanted to make shit happen for ourselves. We’ve spent years learning, field testing, and perfecting our methods. We’ve learned firsthand which systems, methods, and hacks work, and which ones are plain old bullshit.

We've built a lifestyle of doing more of what we love, with an audience who craves what we create.

We're the ones who, when a certain major conference came into town that we wanted to attend, once said,

"man--I wish I could afford a ticket."


Then, through our lifestyle systems, methods, and hacks, we received complimentary passes to attend from the COO of the conference.

Months later, we were the ones ON STAGE SPEAKING at that conference with complimentary VIP passes.

Do you want that kind of opportunity to open up for you?

We know how easy it is to say, “Yeah, I’ll get to that later,” and we show you the exact steps to follow to make shit happen RIGHT NOW.

This is the insider info that college didn’t teach you, your job won’t give you, and your friends don’t have.

Info that we’ve used to do things like:

  • Speak at major conferences and events
  • Receive complimentary passes to events other people pay for
  • Obtain new full-time jobs and freelance gigs
  • Confidently and comfortably quit existing jobs
  • Become more attractive to dates
  • Start a music career
  • Launch a podcast
  • Be featured in places like the Chicago Sun-Times, PureWow, The Muse, Under30CEO, and Rich20Something
  • Connect with industry thought-leaders and experts
  • Be recognized as thought leaders and experts ourselves
  • Earn side income
  • Achieve a more balanced lifestyle
  • Make amazing new friends
  • Obtain personal freedom
  • Get MORE
  • and give this TED Talk

The reality is that the chips are down and everyone is doing the same old crap.

So what will you do to get ahead?


Stick with us, and you’ll get noticed.


You’ll have more.


Discover Your Inner Awesome.