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Brain & Heart @ Work.

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As we close the doors on Idea Lemon, we want to say one final thank you to every single one of you for being a part of this amazing tribe and community.

Whether you were part of our original 'Knowledgeworking' events, joined the Curious Collaborative (a few of you might remember that one), attended a workshop, a dinner night, a presentation, hired us for coaching, purchased our online course, listened to the podcast, followed the epic road trip, shared our blog, or read our newsletter, together we built something special.

Idea Lemon has come to a close, but the journey is never finished. Thank you for joining us for the ride!

With Love,  

Rajiv & Martin

Martin and Raj teach a very unique class on reaching into your soul to uncover your deep desires in life and then ensuring everyone around you knows and understands your “why”.
— Sucheta M.
A really interesting perspective on finding your motivation. Both Rajiv and Martin are really good at listening and uncovering things about yourself that you may have not realized before.
— Alexandra J.
I truly believe in what Raj and Martin were saying and think they have great insight into grabbing the attention of new people we meet in all aspects of our lives.
— Allison C.
I really enjoyed the introspective experience provided by Rajiv and Martin. They bring a wealth of energy, enthusiasm, and experience to the table.
— Matthew F.