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S5 | E13 - SPECIAL: Why Are We Shutting Down Idea Lemon? +Rajiv & Martin

4 1/2 years ago we decided to create a networking platform to meet interesting people, have authentic conversations, and learn new information. That platform was Idea Lemon. What started as networking events evolved into personal brand workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, a blog, a podcast, an online course, and more. Now it's time we say goodbye to Idea Lemon.

In this Season 5 finale, we tell all and explain why we're closing Idea Lemon (but still continuing the podcast).

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S5 | E11: What Makes A Strong Collaboration?

From music to business, to everything in between, some of the greatest and most creative work is accomplished in collaboration. This week, sales expert and Speaker Jeff Davis joins us to explore the ins and outs of what it takes to work together.

We explore:

+Why no one wants to steal your idea
+Collaborations in hip hop versus other music genres
+Finding what unique skill or style you bring to the table
+Creating a culture of Togetherness
+Identifying a decision-maker
+Asking ‘What’s the objective?’ in a group setting
+The Zappos open concept office layout
+The problem with consensus-driven decisions
+How strong leaders act during meetings
+The Occupy Wall Street movement
+Organizational bottlenecks
+Technology’s impact on collaboration

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Twitter @Jeff_Davis2


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Season 5 Theme Song:

cLOUD9 - After Party — available at

S5 | E7: How Do You Become Creative? +Jason Bay

Creativity comes in all different forms, but oftentimes it’s tough to think you can be creative if you’re not a traditional artist or entertainer. This week Jason Bay returns to the show (S2E3) as not only the founder of GenY Success, but as someone who has recently embarked on a journey to become a standup comedian.

We explore:

+The Creative Discipline mindset

+Luck is created through opportunity, and you create opportunities for yourself

+The Jerry Seinfeld daily discipline habit

+Understanding your worldview

+Being creative in the moment

+The difference between stand up comedy and improv comedy

+Continuing your creative stream of consciousness regardless of your audience

+Learning to be confident in material you put out for the first time

+Soliciting feedback and creating feedback loops

+Creativity can be intentional

+The fear of being put on the spot

+How to use social media in your favor and to inspire others

+The importance of putting your work out there even it’s not good

+Placing an emphasis on quality over quantity when getting started

+The Lil Wayne Volume approach

+Having your work publicly archived

+Practicing empathy

+The leap from quantity to quality once you have experience

+Embracing process and patience

+Being the tortoise instead of the hair


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