Idea Lemon

S5 | E13 - SPECIAL: Why Are We Shutting Down Idea Lemon? +Rajiv & Martin

4 1/2 years ago we decided to create a networking platform to meet interesting people, have authentic conversations, and learn new information. That platform was Idea Lemon. What started as networking events evolved into personal brand workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, a blog, a podcast, an online course, and more. Now it's time we say goodbye to Idea Lemon.

In this Season 5 finale, we tell all and explain why we're closing Idea Lemon (but still continuing the podcast).

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S5 | E12: What Is Technology's Influence on Behavior? +Mark-Anthony Marshall

Skynet seemed like a far off possibility a couple decades ago. Now with the advent of wearable technology, bio-tracking, and digital monitoring, perhaps we're closer than we thought. This week we sit down with Mark-Anthony Marshall, Founder of Bricks Creative Group, and discuss the good and bad of technology's influence on decision-making.

S4 | Bonus! Colt Cabana: How Do You Find Your Niche? LIVE From Techweek Chicago

Professional wrestler and podcaster Colt Cabana found a sense of belonging in his career and in his life. In this special bonus episode recorded in front of a live audience at Techweek Chicago, we sit down with Colt and discuss how he found his niche.

We explore:

+How to seize opportunities without asking for permission
+Reaching a goal can be achieved through creative means; it is important to think outside the box
+There are many paths to the same goal
+There’s no curtain in anyone’s life
+Use your authentic self but heighten it to maximize your potential
+Don’t be afraid to create your own platform; if there is an audience, there is potential
+Working by trial and error isn’t wrong, rather, it’s effective
+Tweak as you see fit
+Be discretionary and selective when you ask for feedback
+Merging your interests to form one encompassing idea and project maximizes your strengths and enjoyment
+Pigeonholing yourself maximizes risk and minimizes success
+Diversify your projects to create contingency plans for yourself
+Support is built through humility
+Storytelling is integral to finding your niche; rather than telling people your story, invite people to come along the journey with you
+Actively promote your brand to avoid indifference
+Believing in longevity breeds complacency

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The Art of Wrestling Podcast: @coltcabana

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