Erin Bahadur

S5 | E4: How Do You Overcome Adversity? +Erin Bahadur

Like the U2 song says, sometimes you’re stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it. This week, we discuss pulling yourself out of that moment with fitness trainer and blogger Erin Bahadur, who served 9 months in prison as a result of a painkiller addiction.

We explore:

+How peer pressure affects decision-making

+The addiction mindset

+Taking responsibility for your behavior

+Finding balance during difficult times

+Living up to others’ expectations

+How different reward systems influence behavior

+Claiming your identity through external validation

+How the educational system promotes peaking at a young age

+Seeing yourself for possibility and instead of limitations

+Controlling your perspective in adverse situations

+The need for a major life event to shake you out of complacency

+Living your life based on what other people say vs. what you say

+Being honest with yourself about what you’re actually doing

+Efficiency vs. effectiveness


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