S4 | E7: How Do You Hack Growth? +Chris Johnson

It’s our 50th episode!

We’re joined by Uncubed CEO and Co-founder Chris Johnson in a conversation all about growth strategies when it comes to business, but which apply to what that say about you as a person as well, and how it plays into your personal growth.

We explore:

+Factoring integrity as you determine your growth strategies

+How Dropbox achieved scale authentically

+How the word “hack” can act as a euphemism for deceitful practices

+Embracing the 10 year plan.

+The original hacks came from video games

+Chris’s story about “the fastest growing SaaS company in Silcon Valley” deceiving him

+Asking the question, “to what end are you growing?”

+How the system rewards deceitful growth tactics

+Is it a hack or is it a lie?

+How personal preferences allow you to rationalize the practices of a business

+At Uncubed, Chris’s team asks, “If Wal-Mart did that, would we be upset?”

+How the “world” you live in dictates the mindset you have, and decisions you make

+Just because it makes you grow fast, it’s not automatically good

+Becoming the voice in an industry to achieve massive success

+How momentum carries you to dream and think bigger

+Picking the growth path that feels right for you

+You have to know yourself in order to know your boundaries

+Knowing the game you’re willing to play?

+How easy it is to manipulate data in your favor

+The phone call that started Idea Lemon

+The moments when we came close to quitting Idea Lemon

+One of the key components to success is just staying the game

+Uncubed’s origin story, and how they started with a newsletter and a job fair

+The importance of authenticity in your pursuits

+Don’t let the possibility of failure discourage you from trying


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