S3 | E3: From WBEZ Chicago Studios - How Do You Tell A Great Story? +Tyler Greene & Don Hall

Stories are all around us, and in all shapes and sizes. We’re living our own narrative every day, and writing our own version of others’ narratives as we encounter them. In this episode, we sit down inside the WBEZ studio in Chicago with Tyler Greene and Don Hall, hosts of The Moth storyslam and the General Admission podcast., and explore the world of stories, asking the question, “How do you tell a great story?”


We explore:


+Getting into a story-based mindset

+People’s tendencies towards making themselves the hero of their own story

+Finding universal commonalities

+How to turn bad stories into good stories

+”Don’t tell a story about your wound while it’s still bleeding”

+The difference between anecdotes and stories

+Our tendency towards snap judgments

+Being in the age of information overload

+Sharing your failures to make connections

+The reason why people fight

+The importance of a “why”

+Don and Raj debate the artistic merits of pro wrestling

+How being inflammatory with your remarks can make for better conversation starters

+Don’s recommendation for the best order to watch the Star Wars saga

+Figuring out the role you play in your own story

+Allowing yourself to be who you are



Tyler’s story about his husband’s (then partner’s) spinal injury and being proposed to, live in front of an audience, as broadcast on the Risk Show: http://risk-show.com/podcast/meant-for-each-other/

General Admission Wrestlemania podcast: http://generaladmissionchicago.com/?s=wrestlemania

**General Admission is no longer a part of the WBEZ family and in search of a new home! If you would like to host their podcast, shoot them  a note at their website.**


Find Don, Tyler, and their show at:

Generaladmissionchicago.com: https://soundcloud.com/generaladmissionpodcast

itunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/general-admission-podcast/id660052782?mt=2


Don and Tyler host The Moth Storyslam in Chicago:




Don’s personal blog: www.donhallchicago.com


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