My Break-up Letter to Normal. Signed, Weird.

(open letter to Normal,

from Weird)

Dear Normal,

The past five years together in “the real world” have been great. We made some money, had a nice apartment, and helped each other grow. We even splurged and got our own Netflix account!

But, when we sit down to watch the “movie-of-our-future”, my cue is is lined with Pixar and yours is a never-ending series 1940’s Disney propaganda! We want different things, and I know you know it too.

It’s time I chased my dream of buttered popcorn, and let you be happy with your plain. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should see each other anymore. It's best for the both of us.



It's official. I am weird!

Double stamp it, no erasies!

Double stamp it, no erasies!

Being Weird On The Road Is Weird...

It has been 3 weeks and 4 days since embarking on this XC road trip, and things have been getting weird-er. How weird, do you ask? Well, let's see...

  • Starting with day-one, I sang the Pokemon theme song at the top of my lungs while leaving Chicago, because, if you must know, I gotta'catch’em all!

  • While entering Denver, I of course then had to defy gravity, by singing Wicked at the top of my lungs, pausing only for a moment to take-in the scenery of the mountains, that is, just before belting out and hitting the key-note at the pinnacle of the song at perfect pitch! (thank you thank you, oh, you're too kind!)

  • Then after getting into Denver, I inspired a series of inception-esque-group-selfies, that hold inside so many pictures of people taking pictures, inside a picture, that there is no fathomable way in which you could ever count the full number... estimates run out near infinity-plus-one.

  • Then in San Francisco, I drew Raj as a dinosaur, named him T-Raj, and laughing hysterically in a “gwaar” voice, which was, of course, totally awesome and not annoying in the slightest!

  • Throughout the trip, and two months prior, I became fond of my beard and grew it until it became the thickest and largest amount of hair to ever grow from my chin... then in a shear moment of glory, cut it down to moustache-size and curled the ends to fit-in with the LA hipster culture...which unfortunately didn't work out. 

  • In other moustache news, I also allowed a French-woman in LA to curl my stache, (no that is not an innuendo), while on a killer-awesome roller coaster, while on the Santa Monica pier, while in California, while being filmed on the Periscope app, all while being photographed on the first downhill of the ride! (although the photo was unable to catch the utter glory of the stash...)

  • Finally, all throughout the trip and this post, I used too many exclamation points while announcing my weirdness to the world.

I've crossed the chasm. There is no turning back. No return to normal. Things are only going to get weirder from here.

What's That?! You Want To Be Weird Too!

Be Weird With Me!!! (Weird loves company!)

  • Send this to your favorite "weird" friend and tell them that you love their weirdness!!! ( know the one I'm talking about!)

  • Break-up with Normal with me, (he's a bully), and sharing this letter with your world!

Road Trip Diaries: How To Throw A No-Hitter in Life (Los Angeles)

Idea Lemon is on an epic road trip August 8 - September 20, taking our Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast around the country in partnership with our friends at the kickass travel community Under30Experiences. If you daydream of going to places like Bali, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Iceland and more, you HAVE to hit up U30X. Their trips have changed our lives. We're all about helping you do more of what you love, so use Promo Code "idealemon" for $100 off your booking.

Here are our first notes from LA!

We’ve been in LA since Thursday night, and last night I went to the Dodgers vs. Cubs game. If you’ve followed our journey on Instagram and are keeping score at home, that makes 3 baseball games I’ve hit on the road trip (White Sox vs. Royals in Kansas City, Cubs vs. Giants in San Francisco, and now this). And another thing to add to your scorecard is that baseball is not Martin's jam and he keeps finding his own interesting endeavors while I actively decide to sit in a chair for 3 hours.


Baseball games are largely all the same, but every now and then something special happens. Last night something special happened. Cubs pitcher Jake Arietta threw a no-hitter. It was pretty awesome to witness.

Arietta’s short career has involved some ups and downs, but he’s stuck with his craft and this year he’s one of the best pitchers in baseball.

By sticking with it, even during times when it seemed like he wasn’t reaching his potential, he ultimately pulled off something memorable in a no-hitter.


How can you throw a no-hitter in your own life? How do you become memorable?


In our first podcast out of Los Angeles we sat down with Daniel DiPiazza, founder of Rich20Something, for a special live recording from General Assembly in Santa Monica. We had one hell of a conversation about what it takes to be memorable, and something memorable and hilarious happened mid-podcast when Daniel’s girlfriend called him to ask why he wasn’t home yet (and yes this is all caught in the recording).



In this episode you'll learn:

  • How growing up the things your friends called “gay” (and meant “gay” as “stupid”) are the interesting things now
  • Why we need to lean into our weirdness
  • Being remembered in good ways versus bad ways
  • Becoming memorable doesn’t mean you have to be the best
  • How The Rock built himself into the most memorable person ever
  • Testing and validating your ideas on small stages before taking them to large ones
  • Using language in a way so you're better understood
  • The Seth Rollins effect where not every time has to be your most memorable time
  • Letting people into more parts of your life to open up opportunities

and more!

Oh, and our inception selfies that we do at our Under30Experiences meetups, like the one we did in Santa Monica on Saturday, are always memorable.

We're in the City of Angels for a week with plenty more to share. Stay tuned.


Take care and be awesome today,



What up! My name is Rajiv Nathan and I'm the Cofounder of Idea Lemon. That banana peel you slipped on to land here came from me. That's because I fancy myself a human Curious George, and the yellow hat I chase is life's authentic moments. I share my chase one story at a time through this blog, our email newsletter, and as a rapper. Follow along here to learn how to build a fulfilling lifestyle that gets you noticed for what you love.