Road Trip Diaries: Sticking With Your Passions (Final notes from Portland)

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Here are our final notes from Portland!

Cypress Hill put it best in "Rock/Rap Superstar" when they said, "It's a fun job, but it's still a job."

We spend a lot of time pursuing our passions, but sometimes you can burn out on your passion. So how do you reclaim the fire? We sat down with champion downhill longboarder Marisa Nunez at her home in Portland and explored how to stick with your passion. Marisa was ranked #2 female in the world in 2012, and you won't be able to tell from her sweet demeanor, but she's a total badass. Even with a job like longboarding, sometimes it can wear you out. So how do you stay passionate about your passions? Listen below

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Overcoming being the only female in a male-dominated environment
  • Pursuing something even if you’re not ‘born with it’
  • Having an addiction mindset for the things you love
  • How the story you tell yourself influences your behavior
  • Planting seeds to grow your passion
  • What to do when your passion feels like work
  • How Tony Hawk expanded from a skateboarder to a building a skateboard empire
  • Keeping things interesting by living in the moment
  • Why thinking you have to go pro in your passion is the wrong approach
  • Why Charles Barkley is much happier retired than Michael Jordan
  • Deciphering between what keeps you busy and what keeps you happy
  • The sweeping misperception of a “real job”
  • The moment when you’re winning at life
  • Being okay with unexpected outcomes
  • Treating your passion more like a job to take it seriously
  • Choosing themes instead of goals
  • Taking a reverse approach to finding exactly what you want to do
  • Intentionally putting yourself in environments that force your passion out
  • Developing ‘tunnel vision’ when you’re in a flow state
  • Channeling nervous energy into empowering energy
  • Owning that more people are on your side than you think

Our sit down with Marisa came completely by accident. We were in a pinch for a place to stay, and ended up crashing with a friend of a friend. Marisa happened to be roommates with that person. Martin even bought a longboard from her. Ahh the serendipity.

Final notes from Portland

  • ead to Multnomah Falls just 20 minutes outside the city for some amazing views and hiking
  • Voodoo Doughnuts. Do it.
  • Be fancy and have a tableside cocktail made for you at Whiskey Library
  • Eat delicious tacos at Porque No
  • Grab lunch at a food truck
  • We had an amazing night out at White Owl. If you want to dance, and dance to non-clubby music on an outdoor patio, go to White Owl on a Saturday night. (That's the dance party I talked about here)

We were in San Fran this week and hit LA yesterday. We're here for the next week and already and have some awesome podcast guests lined up.

In the meantime, If you're in LA this weekend, come out to our Under30Experiences meetup tomorrow (Saturday) in Santa Monica! 

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Take care and be awesome today,


What up! My name is Rajiv Nathan and I'm the Cofounder of Idea Lemon. That banana peel you slipped on to land here came from me. That's because I fancy myself a human Curious George, and the yellow hat I chase is life's authentic moments. I share my chase one story at a time through this blog, our email newsletter, and as a rapper. Follow along here to learn how to build a fulfilling lifestyle that gets you noticed for what you love.

Why You Can't Be Everything to Everybody

Every time I send an email to the Idea Lemon tribe, some tribe members make a conscious decision that they they are done, and they unsubscribe from my emails. 

I’d like to take this moment to pour a 40 out on the curb, in remembrance of those who are no longer with us.

                                                          image from

                                                          image from

But for real, it used to really bother me that people would unsubscribe. What was I doing wrong?

Then I saw that unsubscribes don’t just happen in emails, and they don’t just happen to me. Unsubscribes happen to all of us in our day-to-day lives.

Maybe you lose touch with a close friend over the years--they’ve unsubscribed from your friendship. Or you used to really be into photography, but now your camera collects dust in the corner of your room--the hobby unsubscribed from your life. You strike up a conversation with a friend of a friend you just met, you don’t have much to talk about, and they walk away saying, “hey I’ll be right back,” and never come back--they unsubscribe from the interaction.

As we go about our lives, people and interests unsubscribe from us. A few years ago, this really fucked with my head.

Why wasn’t I seeing my college roommates all the time anymore?

Why was baseball not as interesting as it used to be?

Why did I care so much about if one person in the room didn’t get along with me, when there were 8 others who did?


You know what else happens every time I send an email?

Every time I send an email, about 300 - 400 of tribe members decide to read what I have to say, and some of them enjoy it so much that they go back and read it multiple times.

Here’s why I bring this up: I used to obsess over the 7 or 8 people who unsubscribed and wondered, “what am I doing wrong?” Then I realized--why waste time and energy trying to win over the people who don't care? You can’t be everything to everybody.

I write about my encounters and my observations to help those who are multi-passionate (like me) build a life, career, and personal brand based on those passions so they get more out of what they are doing, and get noticed for doing so. Everyone who has unsubscribed in the past made a conscious decision that they don’t want to hear about that.

You know what? That’s okay. I’m not for everybody, and that’s okay.

So, if you’re still reading this, thank you. It likely means I provide something of value to you, and you do care about building your own brand on passion and purpose. Instead of worrying about the 7 unsubscribes, I focus my energy on helping you.

As you look at your own unsubscribes in life, before getting down about it, remember you can't be everything to everybody, and people who don't care will never care.


Take care and be awesome.

What up! My name is Rajiv Nathan and I'm the Cofounder of Idea Lemon. That banana peel you slipped on to land here came from me. That's because I fancy myself a human Curious George, and the yellow hat I chase is life's authentic moments. I share my chase one story at a time through this blog, our email newsletter, and as a rapper.

Oh and I'm a WWE fan 4 lyf!