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Road Trip Diaries: How to Make it in America, and Everywhere Else (Portland)

Idea Lemon is on an epic road trip August 8 - September 20, taking our Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast around the country in partnership with our friends at the kickass travel community Under30Experiences. If you daydream of going to places like Bali, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Iceland and more, you HAVE to hit up U30X. Their trips have changed our lives. We're all about helping you do more of what you love, so use Promo Code "idealemon" for $100 off your booking.

These are some notes from Portland!

We're all hungry ambitious people, chasing after something. Sometimes I feel like that 'something' can be ambiguous for a lot of us. How many times have you heard someone say they are 'chasing the dream', but they don't really know what their dream is?


Sometimes that dream is starting a massive dance party with your podcast guest

Sometimes that dream is starting a massive dance party with your podcast guest

As we progress through our lives and careers, there is this nebulous concept of 'making it'. You're in the midst of your chase, but just how do you know when you've made it?

That's the question we answered in our latest podcast out of Portland with our new friend Jason Bay, founder of Gen Y Success.

I love this episode because we explored a lot of the 'behind the curtain' aspects of chasing success that most career aficionados and 'experts' never cover.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The parallels and differences between Michael Jordan and LeBron James
  • How having success means you’ll attract haters
  • The impact of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation on your performance
  • How to distinguish between symbiotic versus parasitic relationships
  • Identifying what’s natural versus what’s forced
  • How “desperation mode” hinders your success
  • The pitfalls and benefits of being “the nice guy”
  • How to define fame for yourself
  • The Kendrick Lamar 'money & power approach'

I know success and 'making it' are important to you. It's important to me too. Jason knows it as well, and not only does he share tons of knowledge in the podcast, he also has a success toolkit he put together for the Idea Lemon tribe. There are over 50 resources used by the best entrepreneurs in this toolkit!


We've journeyed to San Francisco now, but we still have 2 more podcasts to share from Portland over the next 2 days.

Do you live in the Bay Area? Come hang with us tomorrow night at Upcider for our Under30Experiences meetup to talk travel and building kickass lifestyles!



Stay tuned for the next two Portland podcasts.

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