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Why You Need "Me" Time (video)

In my last post I shared the two things that the country’s most successful and happiest people do best:



  • The most successful and happiest are GREAT at blocking off distractions
  • The most successful and happiest give themselves “me time”


We talked in that post about how detrimental distractions really are, and ways to remove them. Now let’s talk about giving yourself some “me” time.


Do you feel like you’re constantly in go-go-go mode? Finishing one thing, then having to run to the next? I remember I used to eat lunch at my desk while working because I felt so pressed for time. There were days where it felt like I almost couldn’t even take time to breathe.


It’s a paralyzing feeling.


But here’s the thing--I’m gonna be real with you here and say that it’s pretty likely that the most successful people have more responsibilities than you. You flat out don’t build a near 7-figure business, like Daniel DiPiazza, or have one of the most popular podcasts, like Srinivas Rao, by sitting on your ass.


So what the hell do these people do differently?


I explain it in this short video.


What do you want to make part of your everyday routine? Leave a comment below.


Take care and be awesome today,



Road Trip Diaries: How To Throw A No-Hitter in Life (Los Angeles)

Idea Lemon is on an epic road trip August 8 - September 20, taking our Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast around the country in partnership with our friends at the kickass travel community Under30Experiences. If you daydream of going to places like Bali, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Iceland and more, you HAVE to hit up U30X. Their trips have changed our lives. We're all about helping you do more of what you love, so use Promo Code "idealemon" for $100 off your booking.

Here are our first notes from LA!

We’ve been in LA since Thursday night, and last night I went to the Dodgers vs. Cubs game. If you’ve followed our journey on Instagram and are keeping score at home, that makes 3 baseball games I’ve hit on the road trip (White Sox vs. Royals in Kansas City, Cubs vs. Giants in San Francisco, and now this). And another thing to add to your scorecard is that baseball is not Martin's jam and he keeps finding his own interesting endeavors while I actively decide to sit in a chair for 3 hours.


Baseball games are largely all the same, but every now and then something special happens. Last night something special happened. Cubs pitcher Jake Arietta threw a no-hitter. It was pretty awesome to witness.

Arietta’s short career has involved some ups and downs, but he’s stuck with his craft and this year he’s one of the best pitchers in baseball.

By sticking with it, even during times when it seemed like he wasn’t reaching his potential, he ultimately pulled off something memorable in a no-hitter.


How can you throw a no-hitter in your own life? How do you become memorable?


In our first podcast out of Los Angeles we sat down with Daniel DiPiazza, founder of Rich20Something, for a special live recording from General Assembly in Santa Monica. We had one hell of a conversation about what it takes to be memorable, and something memorable and hilarious happened mid-podcast when Daniel’s girlfriend called him to ask why he wasn’t home yet (and yes this is all caught in the recording).



In this episode you'll learn:

  • How growing up the things your friends called “gay” (and meant “gay” as “stupid”) are the interesting things now
  • Why we need to lean into our weirdness
  • Being remembered in good ways versus bad ways
  • Becoming memorable doesn’t mean you have to be the best
  • How The Rock built himself into the most memorable person ever
  • Testing and validating your ideas on small stages before taking them to large ones
  • Using language in a way so you're better understood
  • The Seth Rollins effect where not every time has to be your most memorable time
  • Letting people into more parts of your life to open up opportunities

and more!

Oh, and our inception selfies that we do at our Under30Experiences meetups, like the one we did in Santa Monica on Saturday, are always memorable.

We're in the City of Angels for a week with plenty more to share. Stay tuned.


Take care and be awesome today,



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