4 Must-Have Resources For Your Growth

I was looking through some materials recently and decided to compile some really kickass things created by the dope members of the Idea Lemon Tribe. (Hint hint--if you aren't a member, enter your email in that box at the top or to the right).

These are 2 must-read, and 2 must-watch books and videos.

2 things you must read…

Geoff Novak reached out a couple months ago in response to one of my emails to show me an ebook he wrote about the meaning of life. I read it, and was immediately hooked. It’s actually a 3-part series, and reading the entire thing takes maybe 45 minutes.

The book is called Ku, which means “void”. Ku starts out with a disgruntled man in a busy city bumping into someone who starts a conversation with him about life, and finding what’s truly important. As the story unfolds we see this turn into a conversation between the man and his own conscience. Through the 3 parts we learn what he truly cares about. When I say this book is a conversation, I mean that literally. This is what every page looks like:

Trust me when I say you will see the conversations you have in your own head play out in this book. There are 3 books in this series, Ku, Fu, and Ka.

Start with Ku, and I guarantee you will pick up Fu and Ka.

Get Ku as an ebook download on Amazon for $7.77


Our last podcast of 2015 was with John Schnettgoecke. John recently published an Amazon best-seller entitled, Pura Vida, A Thinker’s Guide To Living: 12 Must Answer Questions on Happiness, Habits, & Hustle for mixed up millennials.

If you feel at all like a mixed up millennial, or if you’re not a millennial but want to know some of the shit that runs through our heads, then scoop this book. Martin and I are actually featured in part of the book, answering two of those Must Answer Questions.

Get Pura Vida as an ebook download on Amazon for $3.99.


2 things you must watch...

A couple months ago I wrote about our friend Liz Flores, who we’ve also had on the podcast, and her recent TED Talk about being made for more (this actually inspired Geoff Novak to share Ku with me). Her talk is now available online.



And ANOTHER individual who we had on our podcast is Stevie Kane. We met Steve in Seattle while on our podcast season 2 epic road trip. Steve is spreading a message of Strictly Good Energy into the world.

He just dropped a video parodying DJ Khaled, if DJ Khaled were to deliver motivational messages.