How to Get on a Hot Streak...NBA Jam Style

In my last post, we talked about figuring out what type of Mario Kart player we are, learning what mystery boxes we should and shouldn’t go for.

We identified that the Power Star is our best option, because it puts us in a “I’m going full speed ahead and you can either get on my level or get the fuck outta my way” mindset.

So how do we maintain that momentum?

On the night of the release party for my new rap album, my friend Chris, who I hadn’t seen in a couple months, asked me how things were going. I told him, “Honestly, I feel like I’m living a real life NBA Jam, where I’m on fire and I can’t miss.”

You remember NBA Jam, right (I know you have that menu music playing in your head)? The old Sega/arcade game of 2-on-2 basketball where you did high flying dunks and could shove your opponent around. In NBA Jam, if you hit two shots in a row with the same player (without your opponent making a shot in between) you were ‘heating up’. If you hit three in a row the announcer would scream, “HE’S ON FIRE!”

In the game, when you’re on fire the basketball is literally ablaze and you can make a shot from pretty much anywhere on the court. You have supreme confidence that your player will score every time he touches the ball. If playing with another real life person as your teammate, that person knows to just give you the damn ball.


I love relating this to our own flirtation with success.


To go back to Mario Kart for a second, when you have that Power Star you’re in go mode and you feel like nothing can stop you. What happens is you make a fundamental mindset shift, and you stop worrying about what holds you back, what could go wrong, why it’s not the right time, etc. You are so in the zone that you just do you, and you vault yourself to the front of the race. 

To make that transition to being on fire NBA Jam style, you reach for what used to seem impossible. In the game, when you’re not on fire, you play it safe and go for dunks because they have pretty much a 100% success rate. You’re so close to the hoop you don’t worry about missing, and you hardly have to worry about being shoved to the side by someone better, or getting blocked.

Once you're on fire though, you start launching 3-pointers and hell, even half court shots because you know you won't miss. These are all shots you didn't dare dream of taking before being on fire, but now that your basketball is a glowing lava rock you fucking go for it. 

In life, you get that Power Star by finding your universal mission, then get and stay on fire by launching your own 3-pointers.


You go after the goals that were previously out of reach. 

And hell, while you're at on fire why not use the cheat code to unlock Bill Clinton as your teammate?  image from

And hell, while you're at on fire why not use the cheat code to unlock Bill Clinton as your teammate? image from

Why, all of a sudden, can you go for those previously out of reach goals?

I’ve talked before about the power of momentum. This is that power in action. Remember, with the Power Star you’ve made a fundamental mindset shift where you don’t worry about the “what ifs” and you realize you control your own destiny.


Because of the mindset shift, you see that farfetched goal as something waiting for you to seize it.


In the game, you don’t just take one 3-pointer. You keep on shooting until the game decides it needs to tip the scale back in your opponent’s favor.


In life,


when you’re on fire you chase that first goal, and then tackle the next one, and the one after that.


And remember how in the game, your teammate who isn’t on fire knows damn well to pass you the rock? Well in life, when you’re on fire, people just start passing opportunities your way because they see the glow and they want to help continue that hot streak.

I've brought up our friend Ben before. We coached him last year and as a result he became a good friend and mastermind partner. Through this process he broke free from relying on the mundane 9-5, got a better job, AND launched his passion project on the side, Stop. Start. Do.


He went from a guy with a lot of ideas and no clue where to start, to now helping top performing entrepreneurs work smarter by mastering new habits in SIX DAYS...and oh yeah, having a new, better job with a $15,000 salary increase.


That was something that was previously out of reach, but he cut through the crap, found his mission, got the Power Star as a result, and straight up went for it by launching a platform to carry out his mission and get himself on fire. 

My release party I mentioned earlier was the first time I played my own show. It was a low key house party, but it was still something that was out of reach even months earlier. I was on fire, and I immediately thought about my next long distance 3 pointer--“what’s the next goal I can go after?” I wanted to play an actual venue--something I used to think was IMPOSSIBLE. That same day I got an email from a booking agency asking if I wanted to play at The Abbey Pub in Chicago--a well known music spot. I asked my bandmates if they would be free and they said, “Dude, we’ll MAKE ourselves free.”

My teammates passed me the rock because they wanted to see the hot streak continue.

2 weeks later, we performed at The Abbey.


And yes, just like the game letting our opponent score to break the hot streak, at some point the world will tip the scale back and we won’t be on fire anymore. But since we know how to get the Power Star, getting back on fire is only a 3-pointer away.


Take care and be awesome.

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