Are You Made for MORE?

Over the weekend, our friend and Idea Lemon tribester Liz Flores (we’ve mentioned her here and there in previous posts) gave a TED Talk at the TEDxNormal conference.

Liz’s talk was about this theme of being made for more.

She’s an artist at heart, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago when she realized that was the case. For years she had buried her inner creativity because it wasn’t necessarily what she was supposed to explore as an adult.

But she listened to herself, and realized she was made for more.

So she found her inner artist again, and when she did, things snowballed.

What started with picking up a pencil and sketchbook and just doodling turned into designing on larger canvases, which turned into publicly posting one of her pieces on instagram for the first time ever,



which turned into creating more, which turned into gaining a following, which turned into selling her work, which turned into meeting artists she looks up to, which turned into getting her own studio, which turned into doing a public display on Michigan Avenue in Chicago,



which turned into pursuing art full time, which turned into Saturday’s TED Talk.

Oh and somewhere along the way she also found herself on the same sofa as Arianna Huffington, inside Huffington’s penthouse (seriously).


Do you see what’s happening here?

Liz had (and continues to have) a series of small, incremental wins that ladder up to major victories. She had a public art display on Michigan Avenue--the most trafficked street in the 3rd largest city in the USA--but that came from building up a series of small wins.


And those small wins don’t happen unless she is honest with herself first and realizes she’s made for MORE.


Where do YOU want to give MORE? At your job? Your relationships? The hobby you once wrote off? Leave a comment below

Take care and be awesome today,