Why You Need "Me" Time (video)

In my last post I shared the two things that the country’s most successful and happiest people do best:



  • The most successful and happiest are GREAT at blocking off distractions
  • The most successful and happiest give themselves “me time”


We talked in that post about how detrimental distractions really are, and ways to remove them. Now let’s talk about giving yourself some “me” time.


Do you feel like you’re constantly in go-go-go mode? Finishing one thing, then having to run to the next? I remember I used to eat lunch at my desk while working because I felt so pressed for time. There were days where it felt like I almost couldn’t even take time to breathe.


It’s a paralyzing feeling.


But here’s the thing--I’m gonna be real with you here and say that it’s pretty likely that the most successful people have more responsibilities than you. You flat out don’t build a near 7-figure business, like Daniel DiPiazza, or have one of the most popular podcasts, like Srinivas Rao, by sitting on your ass.


So what the hell do these people do differently?


I explain it in this short video.


What do you want to make part of your everyday routine? Leave a comment below.


Take care and be awesome today,